Tuesday, March 1, 2011

jEdit mode-ulation

I've been playing around with jEdit mode files again. Came up with one I've committed to jEdit core, and another one I've been using with my work on TeamMochi. Both work really well with folding set to 'indent', and wrap style set to 'soft'.

The first one is a simple outline mode file which sets up syntax highlighting.

Text from WikiPedia
 As I mentioned, this mode file has been committed to jEdit core, and is available in the jEdit daily builds (1). I've also made the individual mode file available as well (2).

The second mode file is one for "domain" type text. Again, just simple syntax highlighting for what I consider a simple domain specific language (DSL).

This one is not available in jEdit core, but I've uploaded it to the daily-build server also (3).


(1) jEdit Daily Build (trunk)
(2) outline.xml (right click, and save as)
(3) domain.xml (right click, and save as)

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